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"this blog helps people new to trading succeed quickly. Working with us directly increases results as we are the middleman and designed to help you make money and avoid basic mistakes”


Learn how the markets move to news & events


Learn how to react fast and catch the movement


Learn what the brokers don’t tell you


Learn the hustle-everyone else is winning

What is trading

Understand the basics of online trading

 Which broker

How Do I Know if a Broker is a Scam?

Things to avoid

Avoid common mistakes from the start

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Trading & not satisfied? tell us about your broker, we will reply without fear or favour

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 "Invest in yourself as much as you can; you are your own biggest asset by far"

 Having worked for many years in this industry I have extensive knowledge and experience of good and bad practices by brokers.

I genuinely believe the industry offers individuals the ability to speculate the markets with little initial capital and this website was created to assist new traders & investors to navigate the pitfalls , earn money & avoid bad practice by some.

Therefore, we work with our clients introducing best practice regulated brokers and the opportunity to discuss any issues & queries objectively. 


New to trading? We can assist, email us and let's chat.


Trade stocks ETFs indices currencies & commodities with or without leverage, giving access to short- mid- and long-term investment options

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Alternative investments


Serious about trading? recommended

There was so much information about trading online, I wanted an independent opinion and help and it has been invaluable so far. He explained how to diversify & buy Stocks and Gold, not just trade.

James Underwood

Online Investing & Trading Platforms

Invest & Trade with Ease, Knowledge matters

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 "we work in the heart of this market".

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